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Tips for running a successful digital marketing agency

Tips for running a successful digital marketing agency

Turning back the clock in your agency. What do you wish you knew back then?

Most people hate sales. Being a salesperson isn’t difficult if you have the right mindset. Think of sales as helping your client. You are there to solve the problem. Your role is to deliver a short, succinct solution to their needs.

Client’s will have some interest in your methodology, processes, client results, and skill-sets. They will generally become confused when confronted with technical jargon, so keep the conversation relevant to their level of knowledge. At the end of the day, clients are only interested in the end result you achieve for their business.

Our Top 10 Tips to Grow your Agency:

  1. Charge more, upfront. Back yourself and take a deposit upfront. We recommend at least 1/3rd, if not half upfront. The reason for this is two-fold. You will likely have upfront costs, and you’ll be investing labor to deliver the first stage of your project. Consider payment milestones.

  2. Don’t negotiate on price, only on the scope. Understand that your price must reflect the scope of the project. Adjust your price if the client adjusts the scope of the project. Remind the client that your price may be changed if the client moves the ‘goalposts’. 

  3. When writing your proposal, frame everything in terms of what the client has to gain. Do not focus on what you’re going to do. Deliver answers to their problems in the project proposal document. Demonstrate your ability to meet their needs by showing similar projects to theirs. 

  4. Once you have completed the project, grab a video or written testimonial from the client if you delivered outstanding results. Up to date reviews should also be placed across different review sites, like Google My Business, Facebook, and other key platforms. Social proof matters.

  5.  Before the project commences, deliver the client a timeline of when you’ll deliver progress reports. Don’t send a one-off report and fail to follow it up. Maintain the relationship by explaining the project stage either via a Zoom call, meet up, or by phone. There is nothing better than creating a personal relationship.

  6.  If you make a statement based on results, ensure you meet those results. Don’t make wide claims unless you have the skill-set to back it up. This is a sure-fire way to tank your agency’s reputation.

  7. Choose a billing model that suits the customer's needs. Not every customer wants to pay by the hour. It can frighten them off and this can mean they’ll make a polite excuse to get another quote. Consider a fixed price based on an agreed scope of works. Also, consider a payment plan.

  8. Recognize a bad client. Red flags like price challenges, a failure to deliver materials on time, unnecessary dialogue that impacts project time, and changing briefs can drive most agency owners crazy. Sometimes it’s best to recognize these clients and cut them loose before the project starts. If you recognize this behavior during the project, communicate your expectations clearly, and answer their needs once. Let them know up front that you have only allowed a set period for client engagement.

  9. Become skilled and continue with your education across various sectors of digital marketing. A well rounded digital marketer has the ability to bring in multiple revenue streams as a result. The upside is that you’ll be more valuable inside an agency.

  10. Streamline your processes internally. Use a CRM to manage your clients, an internal communications tool like Trello, and encourage cloud-based storage solutions. Remember to back up your work daily. It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve lost a client's project.

Owning and running a digital agency can be hard. Like most businesses, if you invest enough time and passion while delivering an exceptional customer experience, then you’ll make it a joy to be an agency owner.

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