Our Verified Members

Why it's so important to be verified

Our Digital Marketing Directory connects Australian Freelancers and Agencies with Australian companies looking for Digital Marketing Services. Don't compete with offshore companies anymore.

Who can be a member?

Any Australian based Digital Marketing Agency, Freelancer, or Service Provider can become a verified member of our platform. We screen each member and pre-qualify them for inclusion onto our platform.

Why do we pre-screen each member?

We want to ensure that when a client requests a project be undertaken, that the project is managed by an Australian digital marketing specialist. This way, as a service we are supporting Australian companies and Australian jobs.

What does each member need to provide in order to be verified?

We ask for your ABN number and Australian address.

What is the difference between each Membership Group?

We suggest you view our Get Listed link for prices and membership inclusions.

The primary difference is that Agencies will receive a priority listing and lead over a Freelancer unless the client specifically chooses to only deal with Freelancers. Agencies also receive more profile inclusion options such as (more locations, unlimited sub-categories, and access to profile analytics). An agency profile will result in more leads. Service providers have a specific category for search purposes.


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