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Why did we create an Australian only Digital Marketing Directory?

Our Point of Difference ...

Our Digital Marketing Directory connects Australian Freelancers and Agencies with Australian companies looking for Digital Marketing Services. Don't compete with offshore companies anymore.

Why focus on Australian Digital Marketing Agencies and Freelancers?

We wanted an Australian based marketplace where members can pitch directly with Australian business owners seeking Australian professionals. For too long Australian Digital Marketing Agencies and Freelancers have had to compete on price with overseas competitors who regularly over promise and under deliver.

Conversely, Australian business owners have moved toward a purchasing model that supports Australian Digital Marketing Agencies and Freelancers. Buying sentiment has moved away from being price-driven. We are seeing business owners embrace the "Buy Australian" call to arms.

Our Digital Marketing Directory lists only Australian verified members on our platform. We screen each member and pre-qualify them for inclusion onto our platform. We have opened the directory up to include Service Providers (Education, Training, IT, Telecommunications, etc.) as they form an integral part of the industry sector.

When a project quote form is submitted by a client, our auto-matching software scans our database of members and matches the quote criteria with members who's skills match the project brief. The members are alerted to the lead, and can subsequently contact the lead and submit a proposal.