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Our Digital Marketing Directory connects Australian Freelancers and Agencies with Australian companies looking for Digital Marketing Services. Don't compete with offshore companies anymore.

Join Australia's fastest-growing Digital Marketing Directory

Note, when we refer to members, we are talking about Freelancers, Agencies and Service Providers. When we talk about Businesses, we talk about the end-user or searcher looking for a member.

The Process

A business will visit our website, submit a search for a member based on their search criteria and a list of members will populate. The business will be able to peruse the profiles of each member in great detail. Your profile is valuable as it expands upon your skillset and provides the business with enough information to determine if you are a good fit. The business can contact you directly, and of course, your profile will be valuable in terms of off-page SEO.

When a business requests a quote they will set their specific criteria. Each member who matches the search criteria will receive a lead. You'll have access to a range of tools to promote your Digital Marketing services.

  • Comprehensive Business Listing
  • Upload your own SEO Member Articles
  • Add Photos, Audio Files and Video
  • Sell Products or List a Classified Ad
  • Add Coupon Deals to entice a buyer
  • Lodge a Job Vacancy for your Agency
  • Connect with Australian businesses needing a DM quote

Why an Australian Directory?

As a freelancer, I have been outbid by international agencies and freelancers who are happy to work for $5/hour. I value the work that I do, and I understand the lifestyle each Australian wants is crucial to them. To this end, I have created a platform whereby Australian business owners and Digital Marketing members can trade without the threat of projects being undercut by offshore entities.

This also brings trust, quality, service, and accountability in play for each business that submits a project. We see a win-win scenario in play. We hope you support this platform and your business grows as a result.

Auto-Matching Members to Quote Requests

Our Auto-matching service uses the fields each member has completed, such as location and service categories, along with their membership status, to determine whether they are matched to the customers' quote inquiry.

The engine will only match members that match the criteria. If a member selects a location, say South Melbourne, and only 2 members are located in South Melbourne, only those two members will be matched (assuming they match the additional criteria set by the user such as categories).

Membership Level Sort Order is taken into consideration. This means if you have three Agency members in South Melbourne, these three Agency members will always be auto-matched ahead of Freelance members that are also located in South Melbourne unless of course, the criteria for the Quote is for Freelancers only.

For accurate auto-matching, allowing for category inputs and location inputs is key. Not requiring a location or specialty to be entered limits the search engine, so we recommend being as thorough as possible when completing your online profile.


We do not charge a fee to supply members with inbound leads. A business will be able to search based on their requirements on the homepage search tool. A business may contact you directly from your profile, or they may submit a quote form and our platform will match their project details with members who offer that service. If there is not match, our team will make contact with the person who submitted the project and requests further details. We will contact all members who fit the updated criteria.

We suggest that if the lead interests you, then make a move quickly.


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