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Posted By Digital Marketing Directory on 04/10/2022

Programmatic Marketing and Cloud Marketing.

Programmatic Marketing and Cloud Marketing.

Programmatic Marketing and Cloud Marketing.

As part of our recent blogs, we looked at a range of trends emerging and strengthening within the digital marketing landscape in 2022, programmatic marketing and cloud marketing are two trends that are consistently strengthening, and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is an advanced marketing strategy comprised of the complex use of data and machine learning to create hyper-targeted, super-effective advertising, with the advertising appearing to specific users in specific contexts.

By using programmatic marketing, businesses will be able to target consumers across the full range of the internet, for example, if the programmatic marketing algorithm determines that the most effective use of the campaign funds is to direct the ad to a specialised website where there is a high concentration of targeted users, that is where it will be placed. Or if Facebook will be the most effective for the advertising campaign, it will end up there.

A significant advantage of programmatic marketing is that campaigns are constantly updated and optimised, compared to traditional marketing efforts that see the analysis and optimisation of campaigns established after they have finished.

Programmatic marketing can be significantly valuable for B2B campaigns; in many B2C campaigns it is beneficial to target a mass audience, however, in the B2B sector the target audience of key decision makers is often much smaller or specialised and will then be suited to a programmatic marketing approach. 

Cloud Marketing

Cloud marketing is a term that encompasses all of a business's digital marketing efforts, covering everything from a brand’s website to its social media to its email channels with the aim of improving a buyer’s experience. It is the modern equivalent of traditional marketing which relied on media like TV, print publications, and radio ads, now targeting modern consumers through the relevant digital medium. 

A benefit of cloud marketing over traditional marketing is that it enables marketers to collect more data about their target audiences, allowing for more effective marketing because they can tailor their tactics to the audience in question. Other benefits include:

  • An easier ability to scale up

  • It can reduce costs with many cloud marketing channels, like organic social media, free to use

  • Global collaboration can be achieved when creating campaigns

  • Data can be integrated from multiple digital channels

Keeping on top of the latest trends in digital marketing can be very difficult. But, to succeed in digital marketing, either as a job or as a brand using it as a channel to communicate with potential customers, it’s necessary to stay on top. Using Digital Marketing Directory, you will be able to find the right agency for your business to take advantage of these new trends entering the market.

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