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Content Writing

Content Writing

What You Need to Know About Content Writing

It is crucial to understand the importance of content writing to the ranking of websites. Before the advent of the Internet, copywriting was one of the go-to marketing strategies. Copywriters were the ones who made effective sales-based content and created compelling stories to attract the attention of the market. Now, there are still copywriters. However, instead of manually writing their content, they utilize a computer and Internet connection.

Since the Babylonian period, copywriting as a form of advertisement has been utilized. It is believed that the first print material made was for the selling of prayer books in 1477. Copywriting has been noted to exist since the first printing of newspapers. Copywriting is using words to generate product sales.

The Importance of Content Writing

If you have your website, its content is as important as the layout and design. That is because it determines the search results, increases web traffic, and sets your page as an authority site. In the recent market, the quantity and quality of your content establish your ranking in search engines. Content writing is the groundwork of virtually all published content. 

Planning Your Content

Begin by identifying your target:

  • You start by knowing your target audience. From there, you have to determine the type of content they are most likely to search for. If your audience is informed readers, you can focus your content on their hardships, goals, fears, likes, and dislikes. Most copywriters will likely do the same. Basically, the content should elicit emotions from its readers so that they will be engaged with the writer.

    Here are some of the elements you can include in your content to boost SEO:

  • Nicely-written headline
  • A few subheadings

  • Use of keywords

  • Internal and external links

The writing style should be persuasive but not hard-selling.

The standard guideline for the word count of written content is 600 to 800 words. Nevertheless, preference is given more content with over a thousand words. The content can have images, video clips, or infographics. Any will do as long as it will make your content stand out. Search engines such as Google prefer one-of-a-kind content.

The Skyscraper Technique

This is the content advertising method we like the best. The main idea of the skyscraper technique is that the bigger, the better. This is how it is done. 

First, you look for trending topics or content that receives attention based on the niche of your business. You can research these areas on the search results of Google. As mentioned, Google prefers one-on-a-kind content. That means your content should be fresh, different, or with a twist but with the same message. You can decide on what content to add. You can include graphs or images to make your webpage design better.

After you successfully made improvements to the content, you can contact the people who linked the same content. Most likely, they want the improved version, which will give you a helpful backlink. Keep in mind that content writing is not solely focused on words. 

In general, content writing is about website or blog content. Nevertheless, Posts on social media, video content, or submissions of articles are also included in content writing. Knowing that there are a variety of platforms to show your content, you can reach more audiences. 

The Price of Writing Content

There is no specific price in writing content since there are many factors to be considered. Others earned as low as $5 for an article made for outsourcing business. 

It is recommended that the content should maximize the use of keywords. The keywords should be unique. Moreover, the article should be able to convert so that it will be useful.

If possible, you can get assistance or guidance from a professional content writer or copywriter. They can tell you how to come up with compelling and engaging content that elicits emotion from readers. As a result, these readers will either do business with you or message you.

In general, a charge of around $150 to $300 for each article is enough, including GST. This is because the content is highly vital. Some websites that have 5 good articles have better ranking compared to websites that have over a hundred poor-quality articles.

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