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The Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses - 2020

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses - 2020

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses - 2020

In this article, we will uncover the Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses we like in 2020.

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced and highly competitive industry, which is why you always need to step up your game. One way of doing that is by taking digital marketing courses to improve your skills as a professional. The team at Digital Marketing Directory Australia have undertaken many of these courses and can vouch for them first-hand.

If you are interested in knowing more, then you are on the right page. This article has shortlisted 5 of the best courses you can take to help you improve as a digital marketing professional. 

Let’s get started!

Qualities of a Great Digital Marketing Course

Not all digital marketing courses are equal, and obviously, some are better than the others. However, how exactly can you identify whether digital marketing is excellent and worth enrolling in? Here are some criteria to help you know whether a digital marketing course is great or not: 

  •     Validated by Leading Professionals

What makes a digital marketing great is the accreditation or the endorsement of leading professionals. When a digital marketing course has that, it speaks of the credibility of its effectiveness. 

  •     Versatile Learning Options

The digital marketing course that you should enroll in must offer versatile learning. It should enable you to study and progress at your own pace. You should get full access to the course content, materials, and curriculum 24/7. 

  •     Globally Recognized Certificates

The course that you will be taking are forms of professional investment, and one way to have a tangible hold on that is through a certificate. Although most digital marketing courses provide a certificate at the end of each course, you need to research whether global institutions recognize the certificates they will be issuing. 

  •     Career Assistance

It will also be great if you enroll in a course with a platform that provides career assistance. If you are a beginner or someone who plans to switch to a digital marketing career, this must be a primary consideration when picking which course to take. 

  •     Helps You Gain Confidence

The main purpose of taking a digital marketing course is to gain more confidence in your skill as a professional and allow you to be competitive with others. You can know whether you will be able to get that from a digital marketing course by looking at the subjects offered in their courses. 

Courses that will Help You Become a Better Digital Marketing Professional

Now that you know what makes a digital marketing course great let us look at these five digital marketing courses to improve your professional skill. Here are they: 

Masters in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute

This is one of the longest courses on this list. It will take up to two years to finish if you take it part-time. 

This course is only eligible for those who hold accredited third level honors degrees in marketing, commerce, and business. Those who are interested in enrolling must also have at least three years of solid digital marketing experience. You will be required to submit your transcript of records for admission. 

It consists of a 60 weeks part one that covers 90 hours of digital marketing course content via downloadable slides presentations and video lectures. You will also be required to submit two 5000-word digital marketing strategies and digital marketing research based on an institution of your choice. 

Part two will take 52 weeks to complete, and you will need to accomplish a 15,000-word thesis with the assistance of industry and academic mentors via webinars. 

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a free e-learning platform that offers Facebook and Instagram advertising courses. It was launched in 2015 and since then, over 2 million people around the world have enrolled. 

This platform offers over 75 courses that can be accessed through the internet. The courses are categorized into many different categories depending on what facet of digital marketing. You can take classes on how to maximize the use of Facebook, Facebook advertising, finding the right target audience, and many more. 

After finishing the courses, the next step is to pass the Blueprint Certification. It is an exam that will test your Facebook advertising knowledge. Once you pass that, you will be given badges and certifications that indicate that you are “Blueprint certified.” 

Google Adwords Certification

Google Adwords Certification is crucial for digital marketers and those who are aspiring to be one. It is considered to be one of the standardized ways to show that you have a certain level of digital marketing knowledge. 

Getting this certification can be done through Skillshop. It is google’s equivalent to Facebook Blueprint. It is available for free to Android users, authorized buyers, google ads, google ads manager, and many more. 

What’s nice about Skillshop is that it is easy to use and allows you to learn at your own pace. It also enables you to take assessments so that you can know your level of knowledge. Once you pass those assessments, you can showcase your badges and certificate on your profiles. 

Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Leadership from RMIT

RMIT offers online graduate certificates in digital leadership. It is designed to help students build confidence in their digital marketing skills and practice leadership at the same time. 

The main topics that will be discussed and taught in this course are about the fundamentals of digital marketing, consumer analytics, marketing technologies, and how to lead the digital transformation. Although it is an online course, their program creates an interactive learning environment through a cutting-edge learning platform. 

Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge from SEMrush Academy

SEmrush Academy is the e-learning platform of the popular SEO tool, SEMrush. On that platform, you will find a free online course taught by Eric Enge. He is an SEO consultant and the author of the book “The Art of SEO.” Enge is also a contributor to Search Engine Land, Forbes, and other well-renowned names in the industry. 

This course contains 8 lessons, which include content marketing plant, guest posts, content syndication, and many more. It is designed to help you learn how to create an SEO-effective content marketing strategy in under an hour. 

Our wrap up

There are plenty of digital marketing courses that cater to all levels of professionals. Finding one that fits your schedule, budget, and needs will not be a problem at all. Hopefully, you consider the courses mentioned above as they are some of the leading courses that industry leaders swear by.  

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