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7 of the Best Digital Marketing Jobs for Australia in 2020

7 of the Best Digital Marketing Jobs for Australia in 2020

7 of the Best Digital Marketing Jobs for Australia in 2020

Over the years, digital marketing has experienced tremendous growth as more people transition into this field. 

Australia has not been left behind when it comes to digital marketing jobs. Research shows that the digital marketing industry is one of the quickest growing employment sectors in the UK. Both private and public companies are hiring digital marketing specialists to fill the gap in their marketing strategies. 

If you are looking to build a career in the digital marketing niche, you are in the right place. Below are some of the best digital marketing job opportunities for 2020.

1. Content Strategist and Managers

Content is an important part of digital marketing- and content management includes more than just writing great content. In order to have a great content that will impact the marketing strategy of a company, several things must be considered, including video, blog posts, pay per click advertising, social media engagement, and infographics. 

It is, therefore, the work of the content manager or strategists to understand how to create SEO-friendly content. They also need to know how well to organize, store, and feed the content to different channels. 

Apart from being great writers, they also do other tasks like managing other writers, developing engaging videos, creating editorial calendars, and running the social media strategy. 

2. Digital Project Planner

With the specialization of digital roles, there has been an increased demand for project planners who can implement a campaign from the initial stages to the last stages. This means that you will be overseeing the implementation of various digital strategies and campaigns for the success of the business.

To do this job effectively, you will need excellent digital knowledge and possess a diverse skillset that includes organization skills, verbal communication skills, and time management skills. 

These skills are crucial for enabling you to set project milestones and deadlines, create detailed project plans, set goals, and manage budgets. You also need to be familiar with project management software like Asana, Trello or Basecamp

3. Email Marketer

An email marketing specialist is one who oversees email marketing- an important aspect of any business that wants to be successful. Emails are still considered a strong mode used in the world of content marketing. Having an email marketing strategy helps businesses to convey messages to customers in time, to help build a lasting relationship.

As an email marketer, your work will entail writing persuasive messages that are likely to generate more leads. Your email should be able to get people to click through the website of the company. 

Besides writing, your other activities will involve being in-charge of PR activities, launches, as well as campaigns. You will need to work together with content managers and take on the role of being part analyst, content creator, and HTML coder.

4. SEO/ SEM Specialist

For a solid digital marketing campaign, SEO and SEM must be incorporated. Having a strong SEO/ SEM strategy helps businesses to attain a high ROI and get profits from internet traffic. This is because SEO ensures that the content is visible in search engines like Google while SEM deals with pay per click advertising. 

However, search engine algorithms tend to fluctuate, making it difficult for businesses to come up with a good SEO/SEM strategy. 

In order to become an SEO/SEM specialist, one needs to have strong technical knowledge and digital marketing expertise. Businesses that are looking to rank high usually hire SEO/ SEM specialists to help them get the best ROI. 

You will, therefore, need to optimize ad campaigns and know-how pay per click advertising works. You should also have knowledge of how to regulate tight budgets. 

5. Virtual Reality Video Editor

Virtual reality is a high-tech job for those who have an eye for creativity, graphics, and technology. Although this digital marketing job is still new in the market, it is an exceptionally great option if you have creative skills and a solid foundation in digital marketing management and technical arts. 

Virtual reality is a product that is slowly gaining prevalence in digital marketing campaigns. When you get to this field, you might land a spot as an editor, tester, assistant, or even a director. 

6. UX Designer

User experience (UX) designer is another top job in the digital marketing niche. Have you ever visited a site and found it difficult to navigate? Or did you experience a hard time finding a service or product on a site? Well, this is where the UX designer job comes in.

A UX designer is tasked with ensuring the functionality of the client’s website to reduce losing them to competitors’ sites. They evaluate the site from the audience’s point of view to get their experience when using the site. 

They then do extensive research on ways to improve the online presence of the website to improve profitability. For instance, they take the time to understand the products and services offered to customers. 

To test the usability of the website from the initial stages, most UX designers are hired during the creation of the website. This helps them to work with graphic designers and web developers. 

7. AI Specialists and Analysts

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm as companies incorporate it to enhance marketing practices. As the world becomes more data-dependant, it is not surprising to see a growing demand for data analysts. 

AI specialists are highly valued in the digital marketing world because they create systems that can help you analyze data and machine learning. Therefore, if you have a technical degree and an in-depth understanding of machine learning, data optimization, and programming, the AI specialist job is an excellent career choice.

Digital Marketers are always in high demand

Around the world, there is a high demand for digital marketing skills, and this is no exception for the Australian market. Whether you are looking to build a career or transition into the digital marketing space, the above digital marketing jobs are a good place to start. This industry is not only lucrative but also a great way to make the most of your skills.

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