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Why are online chat apps important to a business?

Why are online chat apps important to a business?


Until recently, everyone hated automated answers when they tried to contact a service provider. Whether they want to file a complaint, make a transaction, or simply obtain information about a certain product or service, most consumers want to be answered by a human agent. They think automated answering machines aren’t capable of fully understanding their concerns and therefore will most likely fail to provide proper solutions.

For a period, automated answering systems were more a liability than an asset to most companies because those who take advantage of them often end up demanding to talk to a human agent and repeating the process. A lot of customer care providers who receive calls, emails, or chats from customers who weren’t happy with automated answers bear the brunt of their frustrations.

But not anymore! As the technology behind natural language processing (NLP) continues to evolve, automated answering services, whether it be in the form of call or chat, are also becoming more and more reliable. They have seen a dramatic increase in uptake over the years, causing a sweep, businesses investing in the technology even more. Recent statistics show that around 47% of organizations will use chatbots for customer care in 2021 thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, which makes answering machines more human.


A chatbot is a software application designed to stimulate or aid interaction between humans and machines, particularly computers. Considered an evolution of a question answering system, it formulates questions and responses that sound more natural, thanks to AI, which allows not just for NLP, but also for small talk like “hello” and “how are you” as well as context management, natural language understanding, and entity and intent detection.

Apart from improving customer experience, a chatbot can be designed to perform data gathering and marketing functions, too. One can program it to do just about anything a human agent can do using a customer support platform. It can be programmed to help prospects or existing customers obtain product information, switch options or preferences, get a quotation, find a particular branch, or even make a reservation. With combined wider functionality and better engagement, a chatbot is fully capable of improving customer experience.


There’s rarely a business out there that doesn’t have an online presence, and it’s not difficult to understand why. That’s simply because most of their customers now do most of their purchases online. If you don’t connect with your customers through a website, social media, or any available online platform, you are falling behind your competitors more quickly than you fear. Before you know it, even your loyal customers have left you for another provider. It is only with an online messaging application that you can maximize the income-generating features of a chatbot. Here are some of the things you can enjoy when you have a fully-functioning chatbot set in place.


– For a long time, customer service representatives have manned the frontlines of communication between businesses and consumers. Now that automated answering systems are slowly taking over, fulfilling minor tasks for customers, CSRs can now focus on major tasks, which helps increase their productivity.


– With a chatbot, your business can remain active and accessible not just 24/7, but anytime. Customers don’t need to queue up just to talk to an agent to ask basic queries. They can get the information they need instantly, and that improves their experience. Especially when they need particular information to help them decide to purchase a certain product, a quick response from a chatbot can be a lifesaver.


– One of the biggest concerns of business executives is how to reduce their average handling time (AHT) during calls, as it eats up a huge portion of their annual spending. They’ve learned that by taking at least a few seconds off each call can help save a great deal of money. By automating repetitive response using a chatbot, you can take off not just a few seconds of each call but entire calls.


– Today’s chatbots are smarter and more responsive than their precursors. With AI integration, there’s no need to gather and analyze tons of data to come up with an engaging response. The chatbot can do all that for you. AI gives chatbots the power to understand customers almost like humans do, which allows them to provide an accurate response.

Of course, chatbots are not that simple to make. They are an advanced piece of technology that only experts like Missbots can create. Whether you want a simple chatbot to keep your clients and prospects up to date with the latest news about your products or you want to launch a loyalty program to grow your customer base, Missbots has got you covered.


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