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Posted By Digital Marketing Directory on 26/05/2022

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Breaking Down Digital Marketing 

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Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a crucial tactic in a business’ toolbox for campaigns, engaging its target audience with high quality, practical, and relevant content that matters to them. It can cover a wide array of different forms, including blogs, newsletters, emails, videos and social media posts, interacting with both new and existing customers with the aim to build relationships to keep your brand at the front of their minds.

Since 2010, content marketing has seen significant growth in usage, with businesses using it for both B2B and B2C marketing and in 2021, roughly 24% of marketers were aiming to increase their spending on content/email marketing. This growth can be attributed to the strong performance of content marketing in creating relationships, with businesses that use content marketing bringing in three times as many leads as businesses that don’t, while costing 62% less than traditional marketing.

The 101 of a successful content marketing campaign generally involves these ten steps:

  1. Establish your goals

  2. Define your target audience

  3. Research your competitors

  4. Complete topic and keyword research

  5. Review your existing content 

  6. Devise your content strategy

  7. Plan your resources

  8. Plan your production timeline

  9. Create, publish and promote your content

  10. Monitor and refine your content

Through the development of this content marketing campaign, it often becomes a snowball effect for the next one, rather than being a single task, where each campaign allows the relationships between you and your target audience to evolve, building loyalty and trust.

With content marketing now an integral part of any modern-day digital campaign, finding the right fit for your business is crucial. Digital Marketing Directory is able to guide business owners through the maze of digital marketing agencies, freelancers and service providers to find the right provider for your content marketing needs.

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